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10 Best iOS Games of 2019

Shantanu Godase Dec 17, 2019
When it comes to games, iPhone has always had the best lineup. Year 2019 was marked with some great iOS games that are a must-play if you own an iPhone. Here is a ranked list of top 10 games released in 2019 that are very much desirable for the gamer inside you.

10. Solar Explorer: New Dawn

If space travel is your dream, this one can surely give you a glimpse of it. It features procedurally generated environment and real-life physics.

9. Witcheye

A pixel art classic adventure game where you control a witch through 50+ challenging levels.

8. Vectronom

A fun-filled and challenging 3D puzzle games with colorful graphics and electronic soundtrack.

7. Rolando: Royal Edition

Rolando is a Puzzle Adventure video game, where you control ball-like creatures called rolandos, while navigating through ‘Rolandoland’ to find an ‘exit’.

6. Minecraft Earth

A spin-off to Minecraft, this game is based on Augmented Reality where you can build structures in the real world.

5. Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters is a role-playing game where you control Pokémons in 3 vs 3 battles to win a tournament.


GRIS is a platform-adventure game about a girl, Gris, where you join her on her painful journey that will teach her the reality of life.

3. Mario Kart Tour

A kart-racing game from the famous Mario Kart series. The tracks are inspired by real world locations.

2. Call Of Duty: Mobile

Arguably the best First Person Shooter for mobile, this offers nothing less than its PC alternative. Be it graphics or gameplay, it gives a pure Call of Duty experience.

1. Sky: Children of Light

A social adventure game where you explore the kingdom of Sky and interact with other players. The immersive visuals and a unique multiplayer gameplay easily makes it the best game of 2019.