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Call of Duty Mobile: The Best Tips and Tricks to Win

Shantanu Godase
Being one of the best mobile multiplayer games, Call of Duty Mobile has a very large player-base, who are always trying to implement various techniques in order to improvise their skills to stay on top. Here are some of the best tips and tricks you can utilize in your gameplay, so that you can have an edge over the opponents and rise on the rankings quickly.

Use SAM Turret in Domination Match

SAM turret can be effective, particularly in domination matches. Place it near the objective you have captured already, so that you don’t need to defend it by yourself.

Throw Grenade After Holding It For a While

Grenades take time to explode, giving enough time for enemies to run away. Holding it unpinned for a while and then throwing it, will make it go boom as soon as it is dropped.

Throw the Hunter Killer Drone Towards The Sky

There's no need of the Hunter Killer Drone to be aimed at. Just throw it in the sky, it will find its target and get you a kill.

Use Weapons With Skins

Weapons with skins give you extra small bonus for kills.

Learn the Map for Sniping and Hiding

Call Of Duty Mobile has similar maps to that of other call of duty games, that are filled with tonnes of vantage points and hiding spots. Learn them for tactical advantage over the enemies.

Unranked Matches Are With Bots

People get confused thinking ‘Match’ in multiplayer menu, are online matches with real players. It is not the case though, as they are with bots. Practice well enough here, before playing ranked matches.

Use Gyro Aiming

Practice gyro aiming and you will find, that it is lot more effective than touch controls. You can turn it ON from settings.

Zombies Mode – Let Zombies Follow You in a Group

Run away from zombies as far as you can, so that they follow behind you in a single group. This makes it easier for you to shoot them as they are not widespread.

Zombie Mode: Use Traps

As there are various traps in the zombie mode, activate them to kill mutiple zombies at once.