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Create Your Own Car Game

Medha Godbole
Thinking of creating an online car game? Read on here and you would get it all.
The gaming scene on the Internet and in general on the computers is getting jazzier day by day. 3D and state-of-the-art warfare games are just a small grain of this huge universe. Car games too are a major hit amongst the aficionados. But, these are ones which you get to play, and they are already made.
But imagine, if there was a console or a website where you got to make your own online game, how amazing that would be! Moreover, if you have to spend money to buy or download some from the various gaming websites, a great option to save a few good bucks would be building one. This, for sure will get your adrenaline rushing.

Stages of Creation

Stage 1

The first thing you have to do is to research a bit on which ones are some good online gaming websites that allow you to make one. Yes, this will take time but then, later as you start creating one, you will realize that this is important. Check out the sites, which are free of spam and malware and stuff; this applies to the simple downloads, as well.

Stage 2

Now, after a bit of research, it is certain that you will find a credible website for the same. Check that site out and then start off by deciding what kind of a game you are looking at. Decide whether you want to create a a hot shot car racing or something like Need for Speed, which had a version of cops and thugs and stuff.

Stage 3

You also need to decide what kind of cars you want. Of course, that will come after you have decided on the type of the game. So now, after all this preparation and some brainstorming, you are ready to actually create it. It is time now to take the plunge into it.

Stage 4

You have found out a good gaming website, so what are you waiting for? Get on to that website and start creating. There are various websites online that allow you to create your games. You need to look for such websites on the Internet and find the suitable one that meets the requirements for creating the game.

Stage 5

There will be a tab resembling "Make Games." Click on that and then pick the car option from the templates. Then click on the interface that comes; you will get options to choose from for getting your game on the course.

Stage 6

Click on the icons so that you can include them in your game and to come on the canvas screen. There, you can click on them and move them for creating obstacles, end points and high points.

Stage 7

After setting of obstacles and reaching point, click on 'add level' or a similar option to add a level to your game. That will help you to add levels with different set of goals and obstacles.
Thus, this is all it takes; all you have to do in the final step is to assure its working. Test that; ensure that it is rollicking and exciting.
Finally, click on Save or Publish. This will make your game available publicly, for the other such enthusiasts to try their hand at.