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Fortnite - What’s New in Chapter 2

Shantanu Godase
With Chapter 1 ending up in a black hole, Fortnite lovers were eagerly waiting to know what’s next in-store for one of the most successful online games. Epic Games not just brought a new season, but a new Chapter 2! Here’s what's new on the table.

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A Whole New World to Explore!
The new map containing 13 new locations, feels more lively now. This makes it a perfect destination for a Battle Royale!
Go Swimming and Boating
You can now swim in the water without any fall damage. Gun-mounted boats are available for driving, that help in combat and escape.
The new fishing rod item can be used to catch fishes, that can be consumed to replenish player’s health.
Bandage Bazooka
The Bandage Bazooka is a new weapon, that fires healing bandages towards your brothers in arms. You can now carry your fallen teammate to safety.
Hiding Spots
In case you decide to take a stealthier approach towards the game, haystacks and dumpsters can be used for hiding.
Upgrading Your Weapons
Rather than finding the best weapons, why not improve the ones you already have? Weapon Upgrade Benches can now be found in various locations.
Battle Pass
The Fortnite Battle Pass features a new XP system, as well as new skins, weapon wraps, medals and a lot more!
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