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How to Stream to Twitch From Your Desktop

Video game streaming has become a boom industry in a shockingly short period of time. For those of you looking to get started, you might be wondering what platform you will need to use to do your streaming. It actually depends highly on the device you will be using.
For PC gamers, you might quickly notice that it is much different to stream from a PC than it is to stream from a phone, tablet or other mobile device.

Some might say it is more difficult, but that is not necessarily the case. Rather, streaming from your desktop or gaming rig simply requires the use of a third-party software.
There are several softwares out there that can be used for Twitch streaming.

Most are available for Mac and PC, and there are many free options available.
If you are looking to make some serious money or commit significant effort to your Twitch Streaming channel, you may want to consider spending money on a more professional grade software.

Regardless, you should do some research and ensure that the software you choose aligns with your goals as a streamer.
Each software option has a unique process for actually setting up your streaming experience, so it is not wise to generalize about this process.

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