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Pet Games for Kids

Shashank Nakate
Here some of the best pet games for kids available online. Children would enjoy playing these games and have a good time.
Cute and engaging pet games found on the Internet are a great source of entertainment for the kids. With the increase in the number of games, children can choose from many available options.
The games have scenarios where children can perform different activities pertaining to caring for their pets. They can also customize and unleash their creativity in many different ways. Let us take a look at some of the popular virtual pet games for kids.

Virtual Pet Games for Kids

My Talking Angela

Platform: Smartphones
Developer: Outfit7 Limited
Genre: Casual, Caring

Discover your hidden glamor by making baby Angela your best friend. You can give her a makeover, do her hair, feed her and take care of her. Help her grow along the levels while enjoying many minigames designed to engage the audience.

My Boo

Platform: Smartphones
Developer: Tapp Games
Genre: Customize, Casual, Caring

Customize your own virtual pet, Boo. Feed it from the pantry and wash it when it gets dirty, while attending to it, just like the pet you always wanted.
You can dress it up along with the house in your own customized way with your own fashion sense in a design of your own. My Boo makes Virtual Gaming casual.

Minions Rush

Platform: Smartphones
Developer: Gameloft
Genre: Running, Adventure

Make your favourite Minion run for its favourite food, Bananas. Explore Gru’s lair and go on iconic locations in this amazing Despicable Me spin off by Gameloft. Seek thrill and adventure out of your dearest character with some of the amazing graphics.

Pets Live

Platform: Smartphone
Developer: Storm8
Genre: Combat, Arcade

If you are a fan of the animated series, Pokemon, you are going to love this. The players need to explore, find out and get hold of cute, huggable pets of all shapes and sizes.
You need to take care of the pets, help them evolve and keep them healthy. Once your pet is ready with your care, you can make it compete in a tournament where fellow players are ready with their own pets. Bring out the Ash in you and challenge others.

Bird Land 2.0

Platform: Smartphones
Developer: Cute Mobile Games
Genre: Caring, Birds

Journey to Birdland, where you can shop for your favourite winged vertebrate, feed them their favourite insects and provide a perfectly suitable habitat for each of the birds you own. If you like birds and care, Bird Land 2.0 will give you the soothing experience you were missing.

Adventure Aquarium

Platform: Smartphones
Developer: Cute Mobile Games
Genre: Caring, Underwater, Fishes

Create, beautify and enjoy a world of amazing fishes. The fishes get more intriguing when tapped, performing different sets of actions to keep the kids engaged. Create your own undersea world with the option of using it as a live wallpaper on your phone screen too!


Platform: Smartphones
Developer: Bubadu
Genre: Customize, Caring, Cats

Bubbu is a cute and lovable cat who likes to eat tasty food, take selfies, visit friends and dance. It waits for you to be fed, dressed, cuddled and bathed.
Earn money from over 30 minigames and spend those coins to buy things for your Cat. You also need to take care of her, take her to doctor when needed. You can customize Bubbu’s home in a lovely Cat Villa too. This game intrigue users with a number of other interesting actions too.
Online pet games give your children access to pets that they have always wanted, with the additional benefit of hygiene. However, without physical sensations, the feeling of befriending a pet would be incomplete.