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Why Gaming Headphones Are a Must-Have for 2020

How You Can Benefit from Owning a Pair of Gaming Headphones
Wakulu Naku

To make your gaming life easier, you can invest either in better games or in better equipment. If you’re in a budget or have already passed that what-is-a-cracked-version phase, you probably already figured out how to solve the first dilemma. But a good set of gaming equipment is far less easy to find just by searching “gaming equipment torrent” on Google.

As a gamer, the Sorting Hat could put you in the Keyboardpuff, Mouseclaw, Headphondor, or Gamepaderin based on what you consider the most essential gaming gear. The all-in-one of your gaming experience.
The one-to-rule-them-all piece in your Amazon wish-list for your next birthday. While getting all of these is definitively the best choice, you might be underestimating the importance of a good set of headphones on your gaming sessions. And here’s why you need them:

1. Music is at Video Games as Peanut Butter is at Jelly

If you’re ever watched music videos without music on YouTube, you know that mix of fun and awkwardness. Those cringy noises in the background that sound legit but destroy all the magic of that song. With video games, the logic is quite similar. Just try to play Skyrim without music, and you will realize that it’s far from being the same experience.
But music has not always been the same for video games. In the first arcade games of the 1970s, video game music was not symphonic, and it sounded robotic. That’s the case of Pong, a famous arcade game released in 1969. Players had to hit a ball back and forth across a center line with an onomatopoeic sound on the background.
Move forward in time to Space Invaders, and music already became more sophisticated. The programmers of this game matched the music with people’s heart rate, so that the closer the aliens and the ships became, the more players would panic. The same effect was not noticeable when music was set off.
Since then, video game music has made giant leaps forward. Composers now work hard on creating the best background music for each scene, taking inspiration from classical music and from the most recent discoveries in psychology. Playing with no headphone or a low-quality set means that you’ll be missing out on a considerable part of your gaming experience.

2. Not all Headphones were Born Equal

One of the most common mistakes of gamers on a budget is to assume that using a pair of earphones or cheap music headphones would do just fine. While there are no limitations in using any of these, you should also consider that there are different types of headphones and each one has its pros and cons.
Headphones can be mainly divided into music headphones, studio headphones, and gaming headphones. Mainstream music headphones are versatile, stylish, and usually affordable. They prioritize design and portability before anything else. But the audio performance highly depends on the price and the quality of the headphone itself.

On the other side, studio headphones are made for professionals who need to listen to all the subtle changes in a tune. They are usually well-built and easy to repair. However, most casual users and games will not appreciate this type of headphones as much as deep-bass ones. The third option is gaming headphones or gaming headsets.

While these two words are often used as a synonym, there is still an essential difference between them: a gaming headset is a gaming headphone with a built-in microphone. If you regularly play team-based games or want to trash talk other players with your gaming fellows, then opting for a gaming headset is the best decision.

This type of gaming gear is recognizable on the exterior for its colorful and aggressive design. When it comes to performance, it can ensure a clean sound with powerful bass, especially if it can offer virtual or real surround stereo capabilities. Gaming headphones are also designed to be more comfortable than other types of headphones.
They’re supposed to be well-suited for long gaming sessions. So if you already own a nice pair of mainstream headphones or earphones, don’t just assume that they’ll suit well your gaming sessions. Using the wrong type of headphones can result in an earache, neck pain, headache, and negatively limit the pleasure you can get from playing your favorite game.

3. The Awkwardness of Surround Sounds

Only a few things in life can be as annoying as playing an excellent game with the sound of people talking, watching TV, vacuuming, or your roommate’s Maroon 5 Spotify playlist. Playing in Haunted Hills in Fortnite with that “Girls Like You” song in the background is a sin punishable with a lifelong ban on Reddit and your name in that newbie wall of shame.
Using the wrong type of headphones or no headphones at all while gaming means that the other fellow players will pick up all the awkward sounds coming from yourself or from your surroundings. Gaming headsets, on the other hand, have a built-in microphone that only shares what you want to share when you want to share it.

 You can play it cool when defeating C’Thun in World of Warcraft without sharing with others the sudden complaints coming from your mother. On the other hand, gaming headsets and headphones can also limit the sounds they let out of the game so that people around you won’t be bothered with that low health beeping in Pokémon.

You don’t want to keep the rest of the family up in your late-night gaming sessions either. Besides, gaming headsets can be divided into closed and open headphones. The first type usually has a solid cup around the speaker and the earpiece, so that your ears are isolated from the outside.
You can wear them to avoid any ambient noises in your headphones so that people around you can’t hear a thing of what you’re doing. On the opposite, open headphones have a perforated ear cup for a more natural sound. They can make the game more enjoyable, but in many more circumstances it lets in more outside noise while letting more sound out.
And then from there you can go on and choose a wired or wireless pair of gaming headphones. Whatever type you prefer, if you want to really enjoy your time spent gaming and at the same time keep your relationships on good terms, investing in a good pair of gaming headset or headphones is the way to go.
As with everything in life, the price of gaming headphones usually reflects their actual quality. But at the same time, you don’t need to spend a fortune to reward yourself with a new pair of high-quality gaming headphones. That’s the case of the Somic gaming headphones and headsets.
Take for example the SOMIC G936 Commander gaming headset, with a 7.1 surround sound system, a built-in microphone, a 50mm sound generating unit, an environmental noise cancellation system, and an ergonomic design.
This great set of gaming headphones will produce a clear and balanced sound while at the same providing comfort for long periods of wear at a more than decent price range. There are a lot of great headphones out there, but if you want the best, do yourself a favor and get a pair of SOMIC G936.
Obviously, we might sound biased, but once you put a pair of Somic headphones on, you’ll be a believer that gaming headphones are the only choice.